Ed Sheeran Met J Balvin at a Gym, Learned Spanish and Now They’re Dropping Two New Songs

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Ed Sheeran promised last week that he was planning to throw us a major musical “curveball.” At the time we had no idea what he was talking about, but on Monday (March 21), the singer finally revealed what he was up to and it all has to do with a sweaty meet-cute.

“So I want to share something with you that I’ve been working on. I met @JBALVIN in a gym in New York last year,” Sheeran tweeted along with a quick-cut 15-second preview video in which we see Ed and J Balvin strumming acoustic guitars and singing into a camera on what looks like a music video shoot. “It was just me and him very early in the morning. I recognised his voice when he was on the phone so I just went up and said hi.”

They chatted it up and bonded so quickly that Ed said they ended up having lunch, then afternoon tea and before long they were just “mates who chatted non-stop.”

In follow-up tweets, Sheeran explained that he was in New York at Christmas for some shows and the pair decided to hit the studio for a day, which led to “so so much more, which you’ll find out about soon… He wanted to bring me into his world, and I wanted to bring him into mine. Was a proper challenge learning Spanish for this and I had so much fun doing it.”

The first two songs they wrote are called “Sigue” and “Forever My Love” and Sheeran promised that they will be out “soon” and that “I absolutely love them.” During an interview last week with New Zealand’s Project NZ to promote his 2023 “Mathematics” tour of Australia and New Zealand Sheeran promised that his upcoming mystery release would not be the next entry in his string of mathematically themed albums.

When asked if the obvious next title choice would push him to Minus (–), Ed said that did not compute, actually. “That’s not gonna be the next record I put out,” he said. “I’ve got something else that’s a bit more of a curveball. We’ve got the first thing of it dropping in 10 days. There’s gonna be something coming out. I don’t think it’s gonna be a massive hit in New Zealand though, I’ve got to be honest. It’s more gonna be a big hit somewhere else. When you hear it you’ll understand.”

At press time Sheeran had not announced a release date for “Sigue” and “Forever My Love.”

Check out the preview below.

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