Ease Up (Into Love) by Jay Elle

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Jay Elle, is a rapidly emerging singer, songwriter, and guitar player who is known for his guitar driven pop songs. He is a New York-based artist whose latest EP titled “Ease Up”, has received rave reviews from fans, lists’ curators and critics alike. Jay’s first single “Ease Up (Into Love)” is currently charting, reaching number 6 (Triple A/Album, Adult Contemporary, Country Americana charts) and being added to playlists.
“Definitely, the biggest interest in this EP is the title track (Ease Up Into Love), which is a peaceful and yet very enjoyable track that is going to appeal to everybody who is into the kind of music that Elle does. Why is this? Because he is a very melodic and logical musician, who knows what melody to use and how to use it, which is something that has very positive results in this particular situation and with this kind of musician…”, musicexistence review.
” So then who is Jay stripped unplugged of the influences that makes his sound palatable? I can imagine you’d say something like: mature musicality, youthful vocals, dreamy cotton cords, gentle masculinity, and easy flow. A totally deezable playlistable sequence of tracks that’s designed for the foreground and the background…” redcarpetliving
Ease Up (Into Love) tells the listeners to take their time and have faith in the future. “We are so often rushed into taking sides, make rash decisions, and look for immediate gratification that I thought it was time for a song like Ease Up (Into Love) to be released. There is way too much negativity out there. It’s time for positive messages.” says Jay Elle.
Jay started his journey in the music industry in high school, where he joined a band as a singer and guitar player. He takes his inspiration from all kinds of music genres and artists, like Cole Porter, Freddie Mercury, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z and Billy Joel. He is also a fan of contemporary artists like Selena Gomez, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, and others. His music is influenced by the artists he admires, as well as the people in his life, nature, pets, life events and whatever strikes his creative chords.
To know more about Jay Elle’s music and latest EP, visit https://www.jayelle2222.com/

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