Dua Lipa Tells Her Worst Date Story, Pokes Fun at Her Viral ‘One Kiss’ Dance & More in ’73 Questions’

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Dua Lipa is Vogue‘s latest cover star, and the Grammy-winning singer took part in the publication’s popular “73 Questions,” in which she discussed her music, dating life, style and more.

The video started with Lipa welcoming Vogue from her tour’s “levitator,” which has her floating around the arena while she performs her hit song, “Levitating.” When asked what difference is between “onstage Dua” and “Dua hanging out,” the singer replied that she’s “pretty much the same” when she’s performing, just with “a lot more adrenaline.”

The conversation then lead to the topic of dancing, and when asked what her most famous dance move is, Lipa already knew it was her viral “One Kiss” shimmy from 2018. She offered to recreate it, and walked over to centerstage, where she met her dancers for a brief moment performing “the dance.”

“You happy, Vogue?” she joked, before adding that there is nothing she wants to say to people who made fun of the dance. “I think the message has been received.”

While showing Vogue the trolley that takes her from the stage to the area where she changes outfits during the show, Lipa answered some dating questions, revealing that she’s never used a dating app.

She has, however, had a really bad date. “I once went out on a date with a guy, and we went to a party,” she recalled. “We went to the smoking area and he just started kissing another girl.”

Lipa’s “73 questions” wrapped by explaining why it’s so important for her to share her beliefs. “I feel very lucky to have this platform, so I feel like I need to use it for something that’s way bigger than me,” she said, adding that “king” Bernie Sanders inspires her politically and she’s currently working with activist Nadia Murad to help the Yazidis.

Watch Dua Lipa’s full “73 Questions” video below.

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