Dua Lipa Chats With Monica Lewinsky About ‘Very, Very Dark Time’ Following Clinton Affair For ‘At Your Service’ Podcast

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Dua Lipa is getting ready to launch the second season of her Dua Lipa: At Your Service podcast on Friday (Sept. 23) with an interview with author/activist Monica Lewinsky. The companion piece to Dua’s Service95 newsletter will kick off its second go-round with a chat in which the singer delves into the former White House intern’s struggle to rebuild her life in the wake of her infamous 1998 affair with Pres. Bill Clinton, which resulted in his impeachment in the Senate and an inquiry that nearly undid his presidency.

In the conversation, the two women talk about resilience and reclaiming narratives, as well as the current state of women’s reproductive rights. The singer dives into the instant tabloid notoriety the then-24-year-old White House aide lived through as a result of the scandal, which froze her in some people’s mind forever as the intern who almost brought down the most powerful man in the world.

Lewinsky has since become an advocate against cyberbullying and in the talk Dua probes what it’s like to have one’s life defined by one relationship in your early 20s as Lewinsky describes the long-lasting trauma of the incident and how it has impacted her in the years since.

Her path has taken Lewinsky far and wide, from a 2003 Fox reality dating show, Mr. Personality, to her 2004 memoir (My Life), a handbag line, a sojourn in London where she studied social psychology at the London School of Economics. It also included a widely read 2014 essay in Vanity Fair called “Shame and Survival” in which Lewinsky dissected the asymmetrical power dynamic between her and the most powerful man on the planet.

The first season of At Your Service featured chats with Megan Thee Stallion, Elton John, activist Amal Clooney and actors Riz Ahmed and Russell Brand.

Check out a preview of issue 34 of Service95 below.

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