DJ Snake’s Label Debuts Free Compilation Download: Listen

2018-12-29T10:02:45+00:00December 29th, 2018|News|

DJ Snake’s label Premiere Classe celebrates its achievements with a compilation posted as a free download today (Dec. 27).

It’s a bass-forward collection of grooves fit for the club, the car or the festival crowd. All the label’s hits are there as a living illustration of Snake’s “no politics, just dope music” label mantra.

DJ Snake had a banner year in 2018, and it wasn’t all just because of his Hot 100 hit “Taki Taki.” The fiercely-proud Frenchmen launched his own label in March, and while its Premiere Classe name is 100 percent Francophone, its wild sound spurs from all around the world. It began with a ballsy tune from New Jersey’s 4B and Teez, worked its way through China and Japan, came back to Los Angeles, and of course, represented for Snake’s own Paris.

Download the compilation by visiting Premiere Classe online, and check the teaser trailer in the tweet below.

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