Diplo Talks Lil Nas’ ‘Old Town Road,’ Love Of Country Music: Listen

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International DJ and producer Diplo is famous for fusing the world’s many varied cultures into vibrant electronic sounds, but last week, he rode a gallant steed into a whole new world: country music. His latest release “So Long” featuring Cam, released under real name Thomas Wesley, blends country staples like acoustic guitar and fiddles into his big beat sound.

Diplo followed that release with a DJ set at Stagecoach festival, the country music festival that follows Coachella, transforming the same space at Indio valley into something with a little more twang. The producer met backstage with SiriusXM’s Storme Warren to discuss his not-so-newfound love of country.

“I grew up listening to hip-hop and country music equally all the time,” the Tennessee-born man explains. “I love ‘90s country music … I worked with Sam Hunt a couple years ago, and I just loved his disregard for the rules of country music. We wrote some ideas and the last couple years I’ve just been like, what’s great about country music, I want to make something unique about that.”

Diplo emphasizes throughout the interview that musicians should ignore any semblance of boundaries.

“I always felt, as a producer, there’s just no rules,” he says. “You just make music, make great music, meet great people. I’ve been traveling in and out of nashville for years. Just being part of it, I’m just excited that people have been open-minded to work with me and do stuff with me.

“I feel like country music can be a global music,” he continues, “it can be something beautiful for the rest of the world, but we have to have an open mind. I think a lot of country artists feel like they have to be applying certain rules, and I feel like music is music, and you’re beautiful for what you do as a country artist whoever you are, and if you experiment and you know your fans, they’re going to follow you or they might not, but make great music, and they’re gonna love great music.”

Diplo also spoke about working with Cam, and offered his opinion on Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.”

Listen to Diplo and Lil Nas X’s interviews with SirirusXM below.

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