Dionne Warwick Has Some Raunchy Questions for Nick Jonas on ‘Saturday Night Live’

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Dionne Warwick’s hilarious antics have returned to Saturday Night Live.

The 80-year-old Queen of Twitter was once again the focus of a laugh-out-loud talk show sketch during the Feb. 27 episode of the NBC comedy series, this time featuring awkward interviews with The Weeknd, Nick Jonas, Dua Lipa and others.

Once again played by SNL cast member Ego Nwodim, Warwick welcomed her first guest The Weeknd (played by Kenan Thompson) for a hilarious exchange reminiscent to her wit on Twitter. The interview gets off to a rocky start after Warwick tells the “Blinding Lights” singer she got vertigo after watching his recent Super Bowl halftime show performance. Later, she confronts the singer about plastic surgery.

“Now Mr. Weekend, you are addicted to plastic surgery, correct?” Nwodim’s Warwick asks, referencing his altered face from the “Save Your Tears” music video. “Um, no,” Thompson’s character replies, before being interrupted by the host. “When you say ‘I can’t feel my face,’ is that because it’s face now?” she questions again.

“Oh no, the plastic surgery wasn’t real,” he answers.

Next up, Warwick introduced Jonas, who served as host and musical guest on the latest episode of SNL. Dressed in all black with a cowboy-style fringed jacket, the 28-year-old singer fielded some hilariously inappropriate questions, including one about the Jonas Brothers song “What a Man Gotta Do.”

“What’s that about, going downtown? He’s got to do it,” the host comments. Jonas replies with a shy laugh, “I can’t argue with you there.” Moments later, she holds up a picture of the singer’s beautiful wife, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and then demands to see his privates. “I’m not gonna do that,” he answers amid audience cheers.

Warwick also took a shot at Jonas’ role as a coach on The Voice. “I have heard that you are the most boring coach,” she says, “even though one of the other coaches is John Legend. How is that possible?”

Later in the segment, Nwodim’s Warwick grills Dua Lipa (portrayed by Melissa Villaseñor) about her “hussy in disguise” name before segueing into a random question about rapper Lil Yachty’s moniker.

“Lil Yachty — a yacht is supposed to be big,” she says. “If you a little yacht, you are simply a boat.”

SNL debuted the “Dionne Warwick Talk Show” skit last December after the legendary singer went viral on Twitter following some memorable exchanges with artists such as Taylor Swift and Chance the Rapper.

Watch the latest “Dionne Warwick Talk Show” sketch on SNL below.

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