Demi Lovato Shows Off a Giant New Hand Tattoo Featuring ‘Infinite Universe’ Lyrics

2021-08-26T18:23:13+00:00August 26th, 2021|News|

Demi Lovato is expanding their already-impressive tattoo collection, this time, taking up prime real estate on their hand.

Lovato gave fans a look at their new ink on their Instagram Stories Wednesday (Aug. 25) with a close-up of their left hand decorated in writing that reads, “Love will live forever in the infinite universe,” lyrics from Beautiful Chorus’ 2012 single, “Infinite Universe.”

“THANK YOU @_dr_woo_ for making exactly what I asked for!!! It’s perfect!!!” Lovato captioned the picture, accompanied by a snippet of the Beautiful Chorus track. “Lyrics by @beautifulchorus,” they added.

This isn’t the first time that tattoo artist Dr. Woo — a favorite among celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Drake — and more, designed new ink for Lovato: For their 26th birthday, the “Watermelon Cake” singer enlisted him to draw up an image of their grandmother at age 26 on their left forearm. “This is for you, Mimaw. You at 26 on my arm while I’m 26, and forever. I love you more,” they shared on Instagram. “Thank you @_Dr_Woo_ for making her come back to life for me…it’s stunning and the most meaningful tattoo I have ever gotten.”

The new addition to Lovato’s hand adds to a lengthy list of images they’ve made permanent on their body over the past year-plus. In February 2020, Lovato added an image of a fallen angel being suspended by three doves to the back of their neck to symbolize their mental health journey.

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