deadmau5 Teases Intimidating ‘Cube 3.0’ Stage Production Details

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Can you make 169,120,000,000 calculations per second? Do you even have a concept of what 169,120,000,000 of anything looks like? Did you just break your computer calculator trying to even type that number? Well, deadmau5 understands brain-boggling technology, and that’s great for music lovers, because he’s crunching a ton of intimidating numbers as he readies his latest stage production, the Cube 3.0.

It’s the third (or fourth, depending on how you count version 2.1) iteration of deadmau5’s big, impressive, three-dimensional cube booth. To us laymen, it’s a cube-shaped place for deadmau5 to stand while he performs, each side of which features really pretty, state-of-the-art visuals.

For those of you who appreciate the nerdy nuances of this tech, deadmau5 shared some specifics to detail the overwhelming power of Cube 3.0 to Reddit.

“Consider the following,” deadmau5 writes:

“1. It takes, on average, 3 to 7 milliseconds to generate a full 1920×1080 image. (one frame) of cube visual, depending on the internal complexity of the shader.

2. Each and every pixel of the 1920×1080 image runs through a shader (which is several hundreds of lines long). Thats 2,0736,00 executions of the shader (looping) every 3 milliseconds.

3. on a 60hz monitor with VSync on, you only see a new image every 16.67ms so literally more than a third of those calculations are done just for the fuck of it, and not noticeable because your refresh rate would need to be higher.

4. 1 second of cube 3.0 visuals runs at 60fps == 691,200,000 executions of 100+ lines of code per second. That’s probably close to 169,120,000,000 individual calculations per second.”

Basically, deadmau5’s computational technology is so powerful, it doesn’t even properly render on the final visual. If you want to try your hand at mapping his next-level tech, pretend you’re deadmau5 for a day, you can head over to the full Reddit post and see some actual lines of Cube code.

If you want to actually see this tech in action, you may consider catching the Cube 3.0 debut at Ultra Music Festival in Miami this March. He’ll bring it on tour, of course, so stay tuned for those dates to come.

Check out a behind-the-scenes look at Cube 2.1, aka the old tech, in the video below.

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