David Guetta Talks Daft Punk, Gay Clubs and ’90s Paris in ‘The Road To Jack Back’ Mini-Doc: Watch

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As a young man growing up within the Paris club scene, David Guetta was sure Daft Punk’s music was better than his because the duo was rich. He told himself, “they had better connections” or “they had a massive studio.” Then, he went to the robots’ studio. As it turned out, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo made their stunning debut LP Homework on practically nothing. If they could change the world without a proper monitor, he could reach the stars, too. The rest, of course, is history.

Guetta tells the world his history in a new 15-minute mini-doc posted to YouTube called “The Road to Jack Back.” Jack Back is Guetta’s latest alias, a return to his house roots featured on his last album 7. The video feature is a fascinating ball of yarns, detailing his early days as a struggling DJ. He’d spend every Saturday digging through record stores, pushing his wallet to its limit to get the best releases, sometimes stealing some, just so he could be the hottest selector in town. This was before the internet, you understand, and a DJs vinyl collection and ability to mix tunes into euphoric mania was what booked gigs. Crowds would gather to see a certain DJ because they knew they’d hear something exciting and different, a special experience that couldn’t be had at just any dance floor.

He was first inspired to DJ by those on pirate radio. He’d listen to stolen FM bandwidth during the day as club DJs laid down funky tunes. He taught himself how to beat match with those programs, spinning along with his single turntable at home. With his skills sharp, he got booked for long sets at a local gay club, playing new wave, disco and various kinds of black music for eight hours at a time. He tells the story of how he discovered house music, shouting out the icons that touched his life and career along the way — and this is only the beginning.

Guetta broke American DJs into the Paris scene in the ’90s, and through their talents, he learned how to make house music for himself. He covers his early days making tunes, how he met the owner of Space in Ibiza, the story behind his breakout hit “Just A Little More Love” and the help he got from Daft Punk’s Bangalter.

It’s a great story and an enlightening tale that will delight any real house music lover. Watch “The Road to Jack Back” below.

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