Dance with you by JD Johnsson

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JD’s musical upbringing was in Scandinavia where he spent most of his time listening to and being influenced by artists such as ​Neil Young, Tom Petty, John Mellencamp, Sheryl Crow, Richie Kotzen, John fogerty and The Rolling Stones. ​Growing up in Copenhagen, Denmark. JD spent his youth playing in different bands honing his skills playing the festival circuit and numerous concerts throughout Europe.
In 2008 JD got his first record deal with the band WATT. They were selected by SONY to be used in an exclusive live DVD of the band in a private performance for promotion of new SONY technology on disc although at that time the music business was severely hurt by changes in the way music was distributed and the decline of physical media and with differences in creative direction within the band made things impossible to continue.
JD followed his dream of working in the music business as a producer which he did for many years honing his talent as a composer, writer and studio musician.
​In 2013 JD his wife Frida and there 3 children, decided to move to not only the capital of Sweden but also the music capital of the north in Stockholm.
​Since relocating JD spends most of his time in the studio writing songs for his new album and publishing company.
​JD plays and records everything himself with the exception of some help on guitar by his good friend and highly recognized Danish guitarist Noah Rosanes.
​In 2017 JD contacted an old friend multiple award winning producer and publisher Paul Milner, this has resulted in a record and a highly productive collaboration between them.

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