Dad Appears to Burn $3,500 Worth of Olivia Rodrigo Tix He Bought For Daughter Over COVID Vaccine Requirement

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A fired-up dad from Phoenix, Arizona took to Facebook earlier this week to rage against the Olivia Rodrigo machine while posting a video in which he claimed to burn $3,500 worth of tickets to the singer’s Sour tour in a protest against COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday (May 17), Doug Wood explained that he dropped the hefty amount more than two months ago for his teenage daughter’s birthday celebration with friends. “They have been so excited including this am as today is finally the day of the concert here in Phoenix,” he wrote, before admitting that he should have probably done his due diligence and read the “fine print” on the tickets indicating that the show required proof of vaccination.

“Not even a negative COVID test will work. V_X only,” he wrote. “I’m like what the heck… oh HELL NO!!! COVIDs over and down to a common cold, and it’s also just very minor political theater now by the far left. NOPE!! Olivia Rodrigo and her Sourtour are demanding every 12 year old girl or guy and older are fully Bull 💩 and boosted! (You read that correctly).”

Wood included a screenshot from the official Sour tour page that indicates that all fans 12 and up need to provide just proof of vaccination, while fans 5-11 need either vax proof or a negative test within 48 hours of the show. It also notes that for those 12 and older who are not vaccinated, “proof of medical exemption only and a negative test is required,” with no exceptions.

That seemingly did not sit well with Wood, who said that other shows at the Arizona Federal Theatre in Phoenix – such as Friday night’s (May 20) Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s gig — do not require proof of a negative test or vaccine. “This is all her and her tour. Ummm NO! Not happening and will not support this. Mind you Olivia’s prime audience is girls 12-18 years old. She is bought and paid for! This is sick and now she and her owners (far left) is indoctrinating young girls with this propaganda and type of bullying to inject their body,” Wood wrote.

He noted that he wanted no part of the requirements and that his daughter and friends “decided on their own… after some tears, long chat, prayer, sadness, more prayer” that they would not attend the show. Wood posted a video on Twitter in which he set fire to what he said were the tickets with the message, “Take a stand! #freedom #holdtheline #Patriot #Usa.” In the clip he says “comes a point in life that you gotta take a stand, take a stand for you values” as the handful of paper went up in smoke.

A spokesperson for Rodrigo had not returned a request for comment to Wood’s post at press time.

In light of this spring’s steep plunge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, some, but not all, venues and tours eased or eliminated corona restrictions, with most adhering to either local requirements or following the artist’s lead on whether patrons need to show any proof before entering the building.

On Thursday, the CDC recommended a Pfizer covid booster shot for children 5-11 as infections began to spike again across the country. New Infections and hospitalizations have spiked 22% over the past week according to the CDC, which said that as cases have increased the immune protection provided by vaccines has waned since most people got their first two shots.

The CDC also recommended this week that residents in a number of states where case numbers are rising again should consider adopting stricter measures, including masking in indoor settings and more testing.

See the ticket burn below.

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