Coldplay Release ‘Live in Buenos Aires’ Album

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Coldplay offered up a triple treat for fans on Friday (Dec. 7), with the release of the Live in Buenos Aires album, Live in Sao Paulo concert film and their A Head Full of Dreams documentary film. The 24-track live album was recorded in the Argentinian capital on Nov. 15, 2017, on the final night of the group’s massive A Head Full of Dreams tour and it marks the first time a Coldplay concert has been released in full.

In addition to the album, the group also issued the two-hour Live in Sao Paulo film, which was filmed a week earlier on Nov. 8, 2018. The two live documents will be available together in the Butterfly Package, which also includes the recently screened A Head Full of Dreams documentary film by Mat Whitecross, which follows the band’s 20-year history. The 114-show tour took in a total of $523,033,675 in ticket sales according to Live Nation, making it the third-highest grossing tour of all time.

According to a press release, the full Butterfly package is available as a 2 DVD/2 CD set as well as a 2 DVD/ 3 gold vinyl package and a standalone 2 CD edition of the Buenos Aires show; the live album and film are also available now for download on all major platforms, while A Head Full of Dreams is streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

Live in Buenos Aires track list.

Live In Buenos Aires

1. “A Head Full Of Dreams”

2. “Yellow”

3. “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall”

4. “The Scientist”

5. “God Put A Smile Upon Your Face”

6. “Paradise”

7. “Always In My Head”

8. “Magic”

9. “Everglow”

10. “Clocks”

11. “Midnight”

12. “Charlie Brown”

13. “Hymn For The Weekend”

14. “Fix You”

15. “Viva La Vida”

16. “Adventure Of A Lifetime”

17. “De Mύsica Ligera”

18. “Colour Spectrum”

19. “In My Place”

20. “Amor Argentina”

21. “Something Just Like This”

22. “A Sky Full Of Stars”

23. “Up&Up”

24. “End Credits”

Check out a live version of “Paradise” from the album.

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