Cody Simpson Talks Upcoming Single, Album & If He Wrote More Songs About Miley Cyrus

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To celebrate his 25th birthday on Friday (Jan. 11), Cody Simpson announced that his new single “Nice to Meet You,” will be arriving on January 25.

Cody Simpson is reintroducing himself.

To celebrate his 25th birthday on Friday (Jan. 11), the star announced that his new single “Nice to Meet You” will arrive Jan. 25. The song serves as the lead single from his first full-length album since 2015’s Free.

“I picked [the song] because I felt the title was appropriate,” Simpson tells Billboard‘s Chelsea Briggs. “It being called ‘Nice to Meet You,’ I just thought it was sort of a perfect reintroductory statement to me and my music.”

Since it’s been nearly seven years since his last album, Simpson has grown a lot and is excited for fans to see the person he has become. “The whole thing comes across as just a real statement of my journey through life and emotion and the rest over a period of time,” he says.

“I’ve just sort of rolled it all up into a great statement of who I am in my life and who I’ve sort of been all along but hadn’t found the right avenue to share it,” he continues.

Coming off of his 2019 single, “Golden Thing,” which was about then-girlfriend Miley Cyrus, Simpson reveals that a lot of his upcoming album focuses on love and relationships. “At this age, for me, these things mean a lot,” he shares. “It’s a great source of inspiration.”

And, yes, there are some songs on the album about Cyrus. “I think there’s a couple inspired by a few different relationships I’ve had,” he admits.

While he and the “Midnight Sky” singer are no longer together, Simpson got the musical stamp of approval by another fellow pop star, his longtime friend Justin Bieber. “[Justin] has heard a few of the songs on my upcoming record and was really happy about it,” he says. “He really liked it and called me right away.”

However, the 2014 songs they wrote together for their collaboration album may never see the light of day. “We haven’t really spoken about it a whole lot since then,” Simpson reveals. “We kind of went our own ways. I’d really like to hear that stuff one day because it was very good.”

Watch Billboard’s full interview with Cody Simpson above.

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