City lights by Tom Since Birth

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Tom Since Birth makes electronic music that embraces the full spectrum of what the term means and where the genre might be going. It has dance elements to it but rises above such simple rhythms. It is largely instrumental but can communicate with the listener through its weave of sounds in ways that many bands aren’t even able to through lyrics. The music is ornate and complex but full of groove and accessibility. Parts of it sound familiar but when taken as a whole it is unique, intriguing and fun.

Circles seems the perfect title for an album filled with spiralling electronica and hypnotic sonic curves…and indeed sonic curveballs. City Lights replicates the hum of the busy city at night, blending the energy of the streets with the soft haze of light in the dark and Signals feels like the pulse of far-reaching communications turned into musical language as they head out into the unknown.

And then there are more gentle, bubbling and bustling songs such as Butterflies, which seems to tear down a 70’s motorik groove and rebuild it in digital swathes and deft sonics.

It’s a cool album, one which is easy to enjoy. But it is also one that pushes the boundaries of electronic creativity and you rarely come across music that can do both things simultaneously and so effortlessly.

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