Camila Cabello Promises James Corden She’s *Totally* Still Planning to Record ‘Señorita’ Duet With Him

2019-11-29T09:52:54+00:00November 29th, 2019|News|

Camila Cabello loves it when boyfriend Shawn Mendes calls her “Señorita” — per their Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper — but what about James Corden?

Cabello posted a video of herself on Twitter greeting her UK fans with a choppy accent and telling them to pre-order her forthcoming Romance studio album to gain access to her Romance Tour next year. That’s when the British late-night talk show host chimed in to remind the songstress he was ready to go.

“Oh yeah, I booked mine! I’ve done mine, got my pre-order. All is done,” he assured her in the video.

But Corden himself sought reassurance from the 22-year-old artist. “But I’m concerned because you said to pre-order the album, which means it’s nearly out, but we haven’t done our duet yet,” he teased with a serious face and tone. “You know that song ‘Señorita’ that you were saying we should probably sing together?”

Even though Cabello’s mouth said it’s “for sure” still happening, her face told a different story.

Check out the video below.

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