BTS’ Jungkook and Charlie Puth Are Hopeless, Goofy Romantics in ‘Left and Right’ Video Preview

2022-06-23T18:59:22+00:00June 23rd, 2022|News|

Get ready for the launch of the BTS break era. After teasing last week that he would drop his collaboration with BTS’ Jungkook if he got 500,000 pre-saves, Charlie Puth posted a pair of tantalizing previews of the duo’s bubbly pop tune “Left and Right” on Thursday morning (June 23).

“Memories follow me left and right/ I can feel you over here/ I can feel you over here/ You take up eery corner of my mind,” Puth croons in his signature falsetto in the video sneak peek. In the short clip, the two men cycle through a series of outfits as they sing back-to-back and Jungkook tries to listen to a conversation on the other side of a wall using a glass and hangs on to a car hood for dear life as it speeds through town.

Puth dropped a second preview a short time later, posting a clip on Instagram in which he and Jungkook bob their heads while seated in an old sedan and beatbox along to the song’s beat while using the click of the car door locks as an additional rhythm track while Charlie yells “so cool!”

The song is due out at midnight, with the official music video slated to debut at the same time.

Last week Puth pulled the curtain back on the collab with a clip in which he called up Jungkook and asked, ““Hey man, what does it sound like when you sing ‘Memories follow me left and right?’” Jungkook gave it a shot and then Puth asked him to stand to the left of the mic and sing “I can be over here,” and then do it to the right.

After that fairly simple task was completed, Puth said “and it sounds like this… this is gonna be crazy!” The tease of the song came just a few days after Jungkook and the rest of BTS announced that they were going to take a break to work on their solo careers.

Check out the video previews below.

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