Britney Spears Says She ‘Hated’ Her Old Touring Schedule: ‘I Don’t Think I Ever Want to Do it Again’

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It’s been three years since Britney Spears has toured.

It’s been three years since Britney Spears has been on tour, and the pop star divulged on Instagram about how difficult life on the road was.

In a new post Monday (Dec. 13), Spears reflected on all the gifts from A-listers she received on her 40th birthday earlier this month and took a moment to count all her blessings. But when it came to the hardships from her old life as an active touring musician, the “Toxic” singer revealed how much she “hated” her old, laborious touring schedule.

“I know I’m not playing in huge arenas with my loud band anymore but I will be honest and say life on the road is hard !!!” she wrote in the lengthy post. “My first three years in the biz and on the road were great but I’ll be completely honest and say that after those three tours and the pace I was going … I don’t think I ever want to do it again !!! I hated it !!!

Spears, who’s been on an indefinite work hiatus since early 2019, headlined 10 tours between 1999 and 2018 as well as one Las Vegas residency from 2013-17, Britney: Piece of Me, which earned her $137.7 million in the end of its four-year run. And in November 2020, her former attorney Samuel D. Ingham III told the court that she would not resume her career as long as her father still controlled it because she was afraid of him. Although that will no longer be an issue since the court-ordered conservatorship that controlled her personal affairs and estimated $60 million estate for 13 years was finally terminated last month, it doesn’t sound like Spears is the slightest bit more willing to return to the stage.

In her latest IG post, Spears went on to blast her family for controlling her finances over the years, from not allowing her to handle cash to making her work so hard without seeing any of the fruits of her labor. “I went to an ATM and was so proud of my $300 … and no I’m not embarrassed for my family for condoning the fact that I wasn’t allowed to have cash for so long when I worked my little ass off for them,” she continued writing. “I’m embarrassed for the State of California for permitting my father to have me work as hard as he worked me all those years and never seeing a dime … I’m embarrassed for all of them and I’m sad for them because I know my value and worth now … and they LOST ME !!!”

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