Billie Eilish Takes James Corden to Her Childhood Home, Sings Justin Bieber Songs In ‘Carpool Karaoke’: Watch

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Singer Billie Eilish reserved a seat next to James Corden for The Late Late Show’s “Carpool Karaoke” segment on Thursday, where the pair belted out some of the 18-year-old’s hits including “Bad Guy” and “Ocean Eyes.”

During the show, Eilish, who was recently nominated for album of the year and record of the year at the 2020 Grammy Awards, discussed who she was surprised to learn was a fan of hers including Billy Joel Armstrong and Justin Bieber. She recounted meeting Bieber when attending Coachella earlier this year. Explaining that she was adamant that she did not want to be surprised with a meet and greet because she wouldn’t be able to “take it,” Eilish details the moment she met her favorite singer.

“He just stood five feet away from me and perfectly still. He had the face mask and all I could see were his eyes. I lost my brain,” she said. To prove her fandom for Bieber, Eilish then rapped the Ludacris part of Bieber’s song “Baby” alongside Corden.

After singing “Ocean Eyes,” Eilish got emotional because she said, “This song gave me my life” and helped establish her career. To continue making a trip down memory lane, Eilish and Corden made a visit to her childhood home that she still lives in now.

The singer also recalled working on songs with her brother Finneas, who produces and helps co-write her songs, and his promise to her: “I’m going to make you the biggest pop star in the world,” she remembered him telling her.

“We made the whole album and the EP in his little bedroom in our house,” she explained. Her mom later joined Eilish and Corden to express how Eilish and Finneas’ songs have “never not been mind-blowing.”

Earlier this month, Eilish neared a deal with Apple TV+ for a documentary that follows the singer during the making of her debut album, When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? which was released in March. The deal comes with an alleged $25 million price tag.

Watch the “Carpool Karaoke” segment below.

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