Billie Eilish Is Done With Haters Saying She’s In Her ‘Flop Era’: ‘Eat My Dust’

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Billie Eilish is feeling pretty confident that fans are going to love her upcoming Happier Than Ever album. How confident? After she spotted some posts that appeared to throw shade on the collection due out on July 30, Eilish took to TikTok Monday (July 12) to dunk on haters in the most Billie way possible.

In a close-up shot, she looks gleeful as her song “NDA” plays in the background as the words “is it just me or is billie in her flop era like why does she suck now” float above her head, and the Grammy-winning singer seems bemused by suggestions that her second full-length might be a disappointment.

“Literally all I see on this app,” she complains about TikTok in the caption. “Eat my dust my t–s are bigger than yours.” In the meantime, Billie is living her best life in her recently released “NDA” video. The visual, which Eilish directed, finds her hanging in the middle of a road at night as 25 professional stunt drivers skillfully weave around her in the dead of night.

In a July 9 Instagram post, the teen superstar revealed the fright filming the video gave her mother. In a clip, mom Maggie Baird is seen gasping as Eilish falls to the ground while the cars race past her. “hope u liked it (also pls enjoy the fifth slide of my mom and team losing their minds being scaredy),” she captioned the post, which included various photos and clips from the filming of the “NDA” video.

“NDA” is the fifth song release ahead of Eilish’s highly anticipated sophomore album, following on the heels of “My Future,” “Therefore I Am,” “Your Power” and “Lost Cause.”

Watch Eilish’s TikTok video below.


literally all i see on this app… eat my dust my tits are bigger than yours

♬ NDA – Billie Eilish

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