Balls! Katy Perry Reveals ‘Smile’ Tracklist in Most Adorable Way

2020-08-07T15:14:23+00:00August 7th, 2020|News|

Perhaps you thought Katy Perry would just release the track list for her upcoming Smile album in some boring, predictable fashion? No, not likely. Perry put on her best yellow polka dot jacket and had a lot of fun with the reveal on Thursday (Aug. 6) with a vibrant picture in which she’s tossing a series of colorful plastic balls in the air, which just happen to contain the titles of the album’s 12 tracks.

“Actual footage of me spilling some [tea] about the new album… hope you’ve had a ball with it all,” Perry yukked. All your favorites are on there, including the title track, as well as singles “Daisies,” “Never Really Over” and “Harleys in Hawaii,” though it remains to be seen if “Never Worn White” and “Small Talk” will make the cut, as they were not included in the ball party.

Other tracks on the list: “Cry About It later,” “Teary Eyes,” “Resilient,” “Not the End of the World,” “Champagne Problems,” “Tucked,” “Only Love” and “What Makes a Woman.” Smile was originally slated for release Aug. 14, but has been pushed back to Aug. 28 due to production delays. Perry kicked off #SmileSunday — which will happen each week — to help fans pass the time until the album’s arrival.

Check out the album reveal below.

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