Backstreet Boys Reveal First Impressions, Best Pranks & More in ‘Backstreet Confessions’: Video Premiere

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Backstreet Boys fans around the world are getting pumped for a year full of BSB, as the guys are releasing their 10th album, DNA, and embarking on their biggest tour in 18 years. But before DNA arrives on Friday, the Backstreet guys had a little confessing to do.

Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean and Kevin Richardson each sat down for “Backstreet Confessions,” a hilarious set of interviews that reveal the guys’ first impressions of each other, their best pranks on one another, their least favorite BSB song of all time and more.

Funny enough, most of their answers overlap almost perfectly, showing that their 25-plus years together have made them very likeminded — even if they weren’t very alike when they first met. Kevin recalls Nick being a “ball of energy” during their first meeting in 1993; and according to Brian and Howie, AJ is quite a different person these days. “He wanted to be so bad, but he was so preppy,” Littrell says, just before Dorough details McLean’s button-up and briefcase combo from their first meeting. “I liked everybody better then, to be honest,” McLean quips.

The guys also share whether they have any alter egos, with Nick presenting the most hilarious alias: OG Dick. “I was a pop star onstage, but then the stuff that I would listen to on the side would be rap music. I brought my old cane out, and I was an OG. They couldn’t mess with me, because I was a gangsta,” he adds with a smile.

Nick is also apparently the group’s biggest prankster, but the guys have played a handful of ridiculous tricks on each other over the years — including Brian getting Kevin caught in cellophane during one of their shows.

Lastly, the guys divulge their least favorite Backstreet Boys song, which happens to be one they can all agree on. Find out which track they all picked — as well as everything else they had to say — by watching the video below.

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