Ashley Tisdale Battles Anxiety in Colorful ‘Love Me & Let Me Go’ Video: Premiere

2019-01-31T10:39:01+00:00January 31st, 2019|News|

Ashley Tisdale opens up about her struggles with anxiety in her new single, “Love Me & Let Me Go,” but her new video for the song proves that confronting mental health issues in song doesn’t always have to be dark.

Tisdale uses symbolism to represent the different stages of anxiety in the video, which opens with the singer writhing in a dimly lit room, showing signs of pain as she sings, “I been chained up to my mind.” The scenery gradually becomes brighter and tinted pink as Tisdale grabs hold of her anxiety, staring into the camera as she declares “When feelings control me, they ain’t gonna hold me back.”

“’Love Me & Let Me Go’ is a song where I’m talking to my anxiety,” Tisdale explains to Billboard in a statement about the moody pop track with a skittering beat. “The music video represents the feelings of being trapped and needing to let go.”

Letting go is exactly what happens by the end, when, after struggling under a black, gauzy veil and reeling in a bathtub filled with milk, Tisdale floats above the ground to symbolize that she’s finally free of her emotions.

“Love Me & Let Me Go” is the latest track from Tisdale’s forthcoming third album, Symptoms, following the lead single “Voices In My Head.” Tisdale has yet to announce a release date for the LP, but she has promised it’s “the most authentic thing I’ve done.” Symptoms is the long-awaited follow-up to Tisdale’s 2009 sophomore album, Guilty Pleasure.

Watch the “Love Me & Let Me Go” video below.

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