Ariana Grande’s Mom Is ‘So Proud’ After Singer Sends Hundreds of Pizzas to Florida Voters

2020-10-20T17:04:32+00:00October 20th, 2020|News|

Ariana Grande’s mom Joan said she was “so proud” of her daughter for sending hundreds of pizzas to voters lined up to cast their ballots early in Florida this week.

“I am so proud of you @ArianaGrande … keeping true to who you are .. getting the vote out, thinking of others, supporting democracy in the face of authoritarianism,” Joan tweeted on Monday night (Oct. 19).

“I love you!! Florida, home state, the color blue will look good on you… do it #VoteBidenHarris.”

Pizza to the Polls also gave Ari props for keeping voters fed while they waited in long lines to cat their ballots, with Joan Grande sharing the video the organization made of people queued up in the state that could very well decide the presidential race.

This isn’t the first time this year that Grande has kept voter’s bellies full. Back in June she helped Arianators in Kentucky by sending food and coffee trucks to help them stay comfortable while they waited in line to vote in the state’s primary. “Sent some food and coffee trucks for everyone waiting in line ! please pull up, enjoy and use your voice today we need u,” Grande tweeted at the time.

Earlier this week, Grande revealed an official countdown likely leading to new music. On Saturday night (Oct. 17), just hours after posting a mysterious teaser typing the word “positions,” the singer updated the homepage of her website to count down to two dates — presumably the release dates for her new single and a full album. According to Grande’s countdown, something is coming at midnight ET on Oct. 23, followed by a release at midnight ET on Oct. 30. Fans speculate that it will be the lead single and then her sixth album in its entirety.

Last week Grande teased, “i can’t wait to give u my album this month.”

A spokesperson for Grande could not be reached for further confirmation on the pizza at the polls.

Check out Mama Grande’s post below.

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