Ariana Grande Shares Throwback Photo for Her Birthday — And Beyonce Has One, Too

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Ariana Grande celebrated her 28th birthday on Saturday (June 26) with a kind message to her “tiny” self.

“hbd tiny, i am taking care of you !” she wrote to an adorable, wide-eyed baby picture of herself on Instagram.

And someone else whipped out a throwback photo of Grande on her birthday, too: Beyoncé.

Beyoncé updated the homepage of her official website in dedication of “POV” singer, with big birthday wishes — “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIANA GRANDE” — and what appears to be an old headshot of a younger Grande, who was already rocking the signature ponytail. (Beyoncé has been using her website to pay tribute to a number of artists, as well as her own family members, on their birthdays.)

Birthday messages came pouring in for the pop star on social media throughout the day on Saturday — including a heartfelt post from her brother, Frankie Grande.

“Ariana you are always there for me, you lift me up when I am down, you make me smile and laugh until my cheeks hurt, and you bring me and everyone you meet such joy… so today I celebrate you and the remarkable person you are! I love you with my whole heart and wish you the greatest day ever. You deserve it. HBD sis,” he wrote.

Grande’s birthday was also celebrated with a super sweet compliment, though on the wrong day, by Katy Perry.

“happiest birthday to the best living vocalist on earth @ArianaGrande fight me if you think different,” Perry tweeted on Friday before fans were quick to make her aware that she was a little ahead of schedule.

“s— im early idc,” she responded.

See Grande’s childhood snapshot below, and head over to Beyoncé’s website to get a glimpse at Grande’s child actor days.


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