Ariana Grande Delivers Inspirational Speech on Instagram: ‘Life’s Beautiful If You Allow It to Be’

2019-04-08T07:14:48+00:00April 8th, 2019|News|

Ariana Grande’s spreading good vibes on her Instagram stories this weekend.

Keeping busy on her Sweetener World Tour — but still taking the time for self-care in the form of buying new crystals, candles and books — the singer took a moment while alone in a car to talk openly to her fans.

“I just wanted to say hi and remind you guys to protect your peace and your energy and to not forget to take care of yourselves and protect your space,” Grande said, speaking to the camera in the first of a series of short clips she uploaded Saturday night (April 6). “We have a lot of work to do here, and a lot of family and friends and love and important shit to take care of. I just want to make sure that you don’t run yourself to the ground, exhaust yourself.”

She added, “Remember to protect your energy and do things that are good for you and that you’re loved and you’re not alone. You deserve the best there is and I love you.”

“I have a lot of f—in’ followers and it’s weird,”Grande admitted, “so if I can use that to spread any kind of positivity or light, just wanted to send it your way and remind you that life’s beautiful if you allow it to be and you put your energy in the right place.”

“Life can be pretty heavy so if you’re going through it … everything is preparing you for something else or making you stronger or presenting you with opportunities for growth,” she said.

Since stories on Instagram are only temporarily available, a fan captured Grande’s full video message, which you can watch below.

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