Ally Brooke Is Indulging in Tortillas and Cats in Quarantine

2020-07-22T12:04:54+00:00July 22nd, 2020|News|

Ally Brooke has managed to find great balance while quarantining at home. The singer, who released new song “500 Veces” with Messiah on July 17, shares what she’s been up to in an exclusive Billboard IGTV video for our series “The Takeover” on July 21.

“The good thing is I’m actually still super busy while I’ve been quarantining here at home doing a bunch of different things, planning ahead for the future,” explains the singer, who had been on her first solo headlining tour when the global health crisis hit. “I have new music coming and I cannot be more excited. My heart could explode!”

In addition to writing songs, Brooke — whose memoir Finding Your Harmony hits shelves Oct. 13 — has been spending her downtime in quarantine to “reflect and reset.” And two things that help her do that? Cooking and her cats.

“I have two cats; they’re sisters, and they’re named LadyBelle and Minnie Mouse. And yes, I named Minnie Mouse after the one and only Minnie Mouse because I’m such a huge Disney fan!” the “No Good” singer shares as she coos over a cute tabby and a black-and-white kitty who are snuggled together. “They are so adorable! They’re my world!”

The artist then shows off her cooking skills by making tortillas from scratch. After rolling and frying her tortillas, she loads one up with meat, and the other with bacon, eggs, and cheese. “Let’s try ’em!” she says enthusiastically before biting into one of the homemade treats. “Mmmmmmmmmmm!”

Watch how Brooke relaxes in quarantine in the full IGTV video below:

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