Afrojack Launches ‘Global Remix Battle’ To Find New Talent

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Sander Nagel – Afrojack

Most people have hobbies like gardening, making jewelry or painting, but Afrojack? His self-proclaimed hobby is discovering and nurturing new musical talent. Now, he’s launching an international remix competition to find the hardest-working DJs and producers from around the world.

“When I started to DJ, I DJed because I liked it,” he says. “Now, I like helping people. I think the coolest thing about it is it’s so easy for me with the network I’ve built over the years to introduce cool new people to long established big names. That really excites me, that I can sort of recycle my network. Instead of just using it for myself, I can actually supply it to others.”

As the the head of Wall Recordings, he’s helped fellow DJs and producers R3hab, Quintino, Vice, Jewelz & Sparks and more launch international careers. As the CEO of Japanese management and entertainment company LDH’s Europe branch, he’s broadened that vision to help discover and manage singers, rappers and dancers. Afrojack and LDH recently held an international search for new talent called the “Global Vocal Battle Auditions,” and it turned out to be so much fun, they’re doing it again.

Afrojack’s Global Remix Battle I, sponsored by PMC speakers, invites dreamers of all experience levels to take a stab at “Let It Rip,” from the producer’s latest EP Press Play. The winner, or winners, could receive an artist development contract with Wall Recordings, an official release of the remix, a pair of PMC result6 studio monitors, and could even be taken on tour.

“Everyone always says they wanna be a DJ or producer. This is your shot,” Afrojack says. “It’s not like we’re looking for one winner. This isn’t a TV show. It’s not a movie. It’s real life. We’re looking for talented people, so maybe we will find 10, and I tell you honestly, maybe we’ll find zero, but I can’t imagine finding zero. That would be very disappointing – but there are no rules.”

The contest runs now through Jan. 14, 2019. Applicants need simply register online, download the stems and “Let It Rip.” Remixes are to be turned in on private Soundcloud accounts, not in individual audio files. If contestants really wish to stand out, Afrojack suggests sending pictures, video or whatever other formats they can imagine to help tell their personal story.

“We’re looking for passionate people that really can prove that they want this, because it’s not necessarily about the quality of the remix,” he adds. “Of course, there needs to be a certain level of skill, but it’s also how far will you go? How hard will you work? It’s not just the remix, it’s also the presentation. Who are you? We’re not looking for a cool remix, we’re looking for the person behind the cool remix – or the cool person behind maybe a not-so-good remix. We’ll see. We don’t know.”

Between listening to submissions, Afrojack has some commercial releases coming for radio. He reached out to The Chainsmokers about getting some of the duo’s latest singles remixed by his Wall Recordings artists, exactly the kind of opportunity that could come to any new talent discovered via Global Remix Battle I. Use that as your motivation, and submit your remix before Monday, Jan. 14.

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