A Fan Sent Taylor Swift a List of Questions and Got a Giant Swag Box in Return

2021-03-22T17:39:02+00:00March 22nd, 2021|News|

A grade school Swiftie sent Taylor Swift a list of seven questions she wanted answered and got a huge swag box in return from the singer.

The special moment was captured in a Facebook post from an inquisitive girl named Emmy, who has spent her quarantine engaging some of her favorite stars in the “7 Questions with Emmy” challenge.

After getting responses back in the past from violinist/singer Lindsey Stirling and country singer Walker Hayes, Emmy got a huge surprise recently when Swift responded to her queries with a giant gift box that included a bunch of t-shirts, copies of her Folklore and Evermore CDs and a special handwritten note from the Grammy-winning singer.

Emmy’s folks posted a video of the unboxing, in which Swift apologized for not being able to do an interview, but said she hoped the curated box of goodies — which also included a coloring book, a journal, hairbands and scrunchies, a beanie, water bottle and a sweatshirt — would make do. (Billboard has confirmed that the gear was sent by the singer.)

In the video, Emmy said “thank you so much Taylor” for the gear.

Swift is a well-known gifter, often sending fans surprise packages and lavishing handcrafted presents on her friends as well, especially those who’ve recently had babies, including Gigi Hadid, Katy Perry, Jamie King and Joe Jonas.

Watch the unboxing video here.

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