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In A Day After, Fox Nigon reminds us that, alas, we don’t learn any lessons from history.
The scene takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where those who remain must pay for the mistakes of the past.
The amusement park, supposed to be a place of life, laughter and fun, is deserted and abandoned; the sky is washed out and no longer protects from the sun’s rays.
As always, the culprits will never be punished!

Music & Lyrics written & performed by Fox Nigon
Production: Web Spirit – Fox Nigon – Matt Butler
Vocal production, arrangement and additional lyrics: Rob Butler
Arranged and mixed by Matt Butler
Recording Engineers : Florent Charles, Jack Mallette, Rob Butler & Sam Golden
Studios: Studio 110 (UK) – The Stone House (UK) – Studio MySound (France)
Piano : Jimmy Smith
Fender Rhodes Electric Piano: Matt Butler
Acoustic Guitar: Matt Butler
Bass: Romain Brusini
Drums: Laurent Julia
Video Production: Web Spirit – Fox Nigon


Fox Nigon is a French singer songwriter surfing on his own style of pop, rock, folk and blues, the origin of his nickname : “The Dark Crooner”. He became known on the Spanish scene, performing many covers in solo or with local artists.

Born in Lorraine, France, he quickly moved abroad for professional reasons. In 2008, following a stroke, he left all his former activities, to take refuge in music, a therapy that allows him to rebuild.
This accident of life has considerably influenced his music. Today, he shares with us his dark vision of the world, but always full of hope. He is the former Godfather of France AVC, an organization for stroke research and prevention.

His main artistic influences come from Joe Cocker, Banners, Ed Sheeran, Lou Reed, Simply Red, or Bruce Springsteen, but also French singers like Serge Gainsbourg, Alain Bashung or Jacques Higelin. His own sound takes elements from several of these, particularly Joe Cocker, with whom he shares a gritty yet natural vocal texture, and adds a unique tenderness to an emphasis on delicate piano, hypnotic harmonies, and surprisingly intimate lead singing.

Fox first album, “être ET renaître”, released in 2018, after a promo CD including “Laissez-moi chanter” and “Revolution”, prefiguring the style of the album.

With very personal lyrics, neat music, a particular voice, this dark crooner who never leaved his hat and sunglasses, found his actual style after a stay in Liverpool, where he plunged back into the sources of rock and English pop.

There came a double single, including “God lives in hell” and “The clown” (Fall 2018), preparing the release of the album “to be AND to be”.

His recent encounter with producer Matt Butler let him deliver a more polished song, “The game is over” (March 2019), which has enjoyed universal critical acclaim, perhaps most notably from Rolling Stone Magazine. The official video for “The Game Is Over” is directed by French filmmaker Florent Charles.

He successively released singles Aloha (June 2019), a “dancing” reggae full of good vibes as we can expect in Hawaii, with once again, an excellent video, then “Love me again” (September 2019), possibly the “gem” of the next album, and “Drunk lover” (October 2019) a swing in the pure cabaret style, before “Dark world” (November 2019), song in which it is inspired by the spirit of Bob Dylan (Blowin ‘in the wind).

Finally, the album “to be AND to be” (December 2019) is a compilation of his best songs and an addition of new ones, especially “Bad boy” and “I don’t want you”, reminding his favorite style : Blues.

In September 2020, “Today’s The Day” released, the firt single, part of a new album, again produced with Matt Butler, in December “Mister Fear”, “No no no” in February 2021, “Drink their tears” in March, and then, “A day after” in April .

The other titles of the album will be available in 2021.

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