P!nk Learns How to Play Piano, Offers Sweet Parenting Advice During Coronavirus Quarantine

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Like millions of other parents scrambling to find activities for kids who are suddenly on an extended, no-end-date-certain spring break, P!nk has to entertain her kids, Jameson, 3 and Willow, 8, while the nation goes into lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

With Pres. Trump announcing on Monday (March 16) that Americans should plan on staying at home and not getting together with groups larger than 10 people, the “Funhouse” singer, 40, offered up some sage parenting advice, as well as a video of her first piano lesson.

“Free concert slash piano lesson from my heart to yours,” she wrote alongside a video of a moving solo piano rendition of the Bob Dylan song “Make You Feel My Love,” arguably made famous by Adele’s debut album cover version.

P!nk joins a growing list of artists — Miley Cyrus, Neil Young, Yungblud, Keith Urban among them — who have taken to webcasting their performances for fans.

She also posted a pair of videos describing the scheduled she’s putting together for her kids so that they don’t go stir-crazy during the COVID-19 shutdown, which has essentially frozen all touring and festival dates in the U.S. and abroad for several weeks, if not months.

“We’re sharing our love from home, I wanted to share something really cool that a friend sent to me,” P!nk said in the first video while displaying a colorful chart hanging in her kitchen. “It’s [about] how to make a schedule for your family… So we wake up before 9 a.m., and then we go on our morning walk if we can or yoga if it’s raining.”

That is, of course, followed by some academic time, creative time and chore time — daughter Willow pitched in by vacumming on Monday — then quite time, afternoon fresh air, dinner and free TV time. “Which she’s really excited about and then bed time at 8 p.m. or 9 p.m., depending on whether you don’t fight with your brother. Right?”

And, if you’re a reader, she’s also looking for a good book recommendation. “This is a crazy time, but we have each other, so let’s figure out a way to talk to each other and connect and be kind… if you can, stay home. No playdates, just stay home,” she added, seconding the advice from the CDC urging everyone to stay home and limit exposure to anyone who may have the virus.

Following the lead of a dozen other states, major school districts across California announced last week that they would be shutting schools down for an indeterminate period of time to avoid the rapid spread of the virus that has killed more than 7,500 people across the globe.

Check out P!nk’s videos below.

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