30 Days of Hispanic Heritage Stories: The Celebration Kicks off September 15

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Getty Images; Design by Jessica Xie – J Balvin, Luis Fonsi & Shakira

September 15 marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage month, and Billboard will celebrate with 30 days of landmark content.

Culling from Billboard’s Latin charts, the most respected and longest-running charts on record, we have curated 30 days of exclusive Billboard content that celebrates the best music on the Billboard charts.

And few times could be more celebratory than these.

The Billboard Hot 100 chart, the ultimate thermometer of musical taste in this country, has seen 19 Spanish-language or predominantly Spanish-language tracks enter its echelons so far this year — more than at any other time in history. If we include “I Like It” and “Dinero,” that number rises to 21. As a point of comparison, in 2017, 19 predominantly Spanish-language tracks made it onto the Billboard Hot 100 in the entire year; meaning, we have five months to go to beef up the current number.

In 2016, only four Spanish-language tracks made it to the Hot 100. In 2015? Three.

Our Hispanic Heritage coverage will highlight which songs and albums have dominated the charts, today and throughout history. We will also feature artist video evolutions, Latin genre evolutions, essays and exclusive interviews.

It all kicks off Saturday (September 15) with a look at the top 20 Latin songs of all time on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart.

Stay tuned!

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